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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Okay, so I wanted to start off the website with the first blog. You are going to see the inner workings of our brains, no matter how scary they may be.

We work very hard to try to express ourselves clearly in our day-to-day interactions with people. Here is where we will express ourselves freely, openly, and sometimes incoherently, I'm sure. But we would like to let you know that we care about any topic that we cover, and we care about what goes on in our country, and how it affects our families.

Through this website, you can communicate with us. You can communicate with my partner, and we will communicate back with you through our videos, our podcasts our Instagram, or through the blog itself.

The website also has a forum that is being built out to allow you to share with us your favorite places to eat, favorite recipes to eat, your favorite types of food you like to eat, or the things you know that scare you as a parent. You will hear some of those items from us. You'll also be able to talk about the crazy crap your kids do, too. Because you'll hear about a whole lot of that from us. So, this is a place where you can feel free to feel “fat”. We want to start a community where we can openly talk about anything without fear of judgment. We ask that anybody who uses our site be open to any of the comments made by other members of the forums. We will not stand for any people talking out of the side of their heads. There will be no putting people down for the sake of pitting them down. Here is not the place to do political commentary. We do not need and Tucker Carlson’s or Rachel Maddow’s here, they create enough hot air to fill the Goodyear blimp for a hundred years. We will equally slam all parties and if you open your mouth too wide, we may even come after you.

We're not affiliated with any we're not going to push any on this website, and we will clearly note all of our sponsors just so you are aware.

As I said, this is a website just for fun. You can come here to share your culture with us, educate people about where you come from. We are going to share with you our culture and any other crazy thing that we can think up that we find amusing to ourselves.

So, we wanted to thank you for looking at this first blog post and welcome you to Fat Guy Nation.



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