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Yo' Phat Summer Body

Let’s be honest here… it’s summer, you’re fat, and typically it’s the time of year when people tend to shed clothes to embrace the heat of the season. Being a bigger person, it’s not outside the realm of possibility to draw some physique criticisms to put it lightly (or fatly LOL). Also as a bigger person it’s not outside the realm of possibility to get hot and sticky quite quickly. But alas it comes with the territory. Hell, even if you’re not a big braddah or sistah, you can still feel self-conscious about yourself. Wherever you lie on the big-bodiness spectrum of life, you don’t need someone else’s opinions, criticisms, or even PRAISE to value your own self worth. (This just doesn’t apply to how you view your own body; this can apply to just about everything else in life… but I digress.)

Self confidence “wif yo’ bowdee” starts with numero uno… yourself. Yeah yeah, you all know this, but for many it hasn’t quite sunk in to the point of internalizing. Ultimately you’ve got to do “you” booboo no matter what. It all starts with what’s going on in that organ right behind your eyes. If you’re concerned about how you look, do something about it and take action. If you are concerned about things related to your health, talk to your physician about it and take action. If none of these things matter and you want to enjoy the living hell out of all things food and comfort related, then by all means again you do “you” booboo. You are the master of your inner universe so to speak and all consequences both good and bad that comes with that. No one can take that away from you and don’t try to run from any of it. Own it, love it! Do with it what you will but let it be on your terms however you choose to do so. But regardless of where you stand and what you choose to do, take advantage of this summer to the fullest and enjoy yourself however that makes sense for you.

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